ABC – WJLA Real or fake? Why more people are opting for real Christmas trees during the pandemic

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — It appears the demand for real Christmas trees are up this holiday season. It’s still early but Marsha Gray, the Executive Director of The Real Christmas Tree Board, said both wholesale tree farmers and small cut-your-own lots are reporting an increase in demand.

“We suspected this. We knew we needed to be prepared,” Gray said.

“The promotion board actually fielded a survey this summer with consumers, over 2,000 consumers, asking them ‘what do you think about this coming season?’ So we could know what to be prepared for,” Gray said. “There clearly was a desire for celebrating, finding something joyful, bringing something home that’s going to make it clear to the family they were going to be spending it at home, not traveling, not spending it with lots of other people, so lots of people individual in their homes wanting to do something special.”