Tree Care and Tips

This year’s experiences become the memories of the future and traditions of generations. We’ve put together handy guides to help you make the most of your real Christmas tree: before, during, and after you’ve found The One!

Steps & Tips for Buying a Real Christmas Tree

A family of 5 holding their real Christmas tree at a tree farm

If you’ve never bought a natural Christmas tree or this is your first year doing it on your own, the buying process might be intimidating. But have no fear! We created this guide to help you find the perfect tree to fill your home with the holiday spirit.

Real Christmas Tree Buying Experiences

A parent with a child on their shoulders as they walk through a snowy Christmas tree farm

When you are ready to head out with the family, where will you go? There are a few different types of real Christmas tree buying experiences, and each one is unique, fun, and filled with joy. This guide will help you determine which experience is best for you this holiday season.

Your Guide to Christmas Tree Stands

A Christmas tree laying on the ground beside a red and green Christmas tree stand

The stand is literally the foundation of a successful fresh Christmas tree experience, so you want to make sure you get the right stand for your tree. With some pro pointers, you’ll be setting up your tree with enough time to enjoy some eggnog as you decorate and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

How to Make Your Fresh Christmas Tree Last

A cluster of Christmas trees with the sun shining through in the background

One of the reasons people shy away from real Christmas trees is that they think there is a lot of maintenance and care involved with upkeep – which is not entirely true! With just a few simple “tricks of the trade” you’ll be able to keep your tree thriving and have a natural evergreen scent filling your home throughout the season.

Pro Advice for Amateur Photographers

Two children smiling at each other next to a Christmas tree

We’ve all been there – trying to get the perfect family photo in front of the Christmas tree, but something always seems to go awry. The kids are grumpy, the lighting is off, everyone’s distracted, and you’re running around trying to make the holiday magic happen. To get some insight on how to capture that gorgeous family holiday photo, we asked a professional photographer for some tips. And boy, did she have some great ones!

Organizing Your Christmas Ornaments and Lights

A cluster of Christmas tree string lights that are illuminated

Once Christmas is over, what’s the best way to store your décor? Get practical tips on how to organize your ornaments and decorations. Your future self will thank us.

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree laying on the ground next to a person standing above

Real Christmas trees are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Here are some crafty ways to use your tree after the holiday, and how your tree impacts the environment when you recycle it.

Tree Care Tips

A couple decorating a Christmas tree together in a living room

Whether this Christmas is your first or your fiftieth year with a fresh cut Christmas tree, it never hurts to brush up on the basics and share them with the next generation.