Why Real?

The benefits of choosing a fresh cut Christmas tree are real! They create joy in the moment, traditions over the years, and memories that last a lifetime. Here are just a few of the top reasons we believe real trees make all the difference.

Reason 1: The Scent that Makes it Christmas

The smell of a real Christmas tree is the number one scent of the holiday season*. Synonymous with the holiday, most people believe that until the fresh scent of a real tree arrives, it’s not truly Christmas.

Reason 2: Create Real Memories

Consumer survey research** shows that the experience of getting a real tree is among the top childhood memories of Christmas. Beyond strengthening bonds among family and friends, it’s a tradition that can be passed down and shared for generations to come.

Reason 3: Protect and Care for the Environment

Celebrating with a real Christmas tree has a significant environmental benefit. A real tree spends around 8 years growing in the field before it is harvested. During that time, it produces oxygen, provides a habitat for wildlife, and preserves green space across North America. And unlike artificial alternatives, a real tree is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Need more reasons to go real?

See how making the switch has been for these ‘convert’ families:

*Based on an online survey of 1,500 American adults ages 21 to 49 years. All survey respondents celebrate or observe Christmas and either decide to share in the decision of whether and what kind of Christmas tree to put up in their home each year. The survey was fielded from May 26 to June 13, 2022.

** Based on an online survey conducted by the RCTB in September of 2019 of 2,000 parents with children ages 0-17.