Real Christmas Trees Make Real Family Memories

New survey reveals families who “keep it real” are more likely to create lasting traditions

HOWELL, Mich., Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Real Christmas tree purchasers are more likely to place high importance on creating new holiday traditions with their families when compared with artificial tree users, a new survey reveals. In addition, the majority of real Christmas tree users incorporate a family tradition as part of their annual family outing to get a Christmas tree. The survey panel included 2,000 U.S. adults who celebrate Christmas and are parents of a child age 17 or under. (1)

From the lights to the tree topper to making the final call on which tree to buy, real families share their real Christmas tree traditions.

In fact, “keeping it real” by getting a real Christmas tree was cited as the top holiday activity that parents enjoyed when they were children, ranking above activities such as taking photos with Santa, cookie swaps, visiting extended family or going to the movies. Today, parents say they still enjoy the tradition of getting a Christmas tree with their children – second only to shopping for presents to put under the tree!

“Nothing says ‘the holidays’ like picking out a real Christmas tree with your loved ones, and this survey truly does confirm that real Christmas tree users are also the tradition keepers,” said Marsha Gray, Executive Director, Real Christmas Tree Board. “From the unmistakable fresh Christmas tree scent to the fun of the search, the experience of choosing a real tree is a tradition to look forward to every holiday season and remember for years to come.”

What else did the Christmas traditions survey uncover?

  • Dads Favor Tradition – Dads were more likely to place a high importance on creating new holiday traditions with their children – including purchasing a real Christmas tree – when compared to moms.
  • Parents Pick the Tree – When shopping for a real Christmas tree, 57 percent of parents say that they make the final call on the tree they’ll take home, 31 percent let the kids do the selecting, 12 percent say they all pick together, and 5 percent say they rotate the big decision each year.
  • Mom Does the Tree Caretaking – While dads enjoy tree traditions, they don’t mind leaving the tree caretaking to mom, with 47 percent of moms doing the watering. Another 15 percent of parents said they assign the task to their kids while 15 percent said they all share in the duty as a family.
  • The More Lights the Merrier – When it comes to decorating, 43 percent of parents said they prefer to adorn their tree with multi-colored lights, 21 percent prefer white lights, and 32 percent said they use both multi-colored and white lights.

Real Christmas Trees and the Environment
Not only are real Christmas trees better for creating lasting family memories, they are also better for the environment. Research shows that real Christmas trees are much friendlier to the environment compared to artificial trees. Artificial trees have three times the impact on climate change and resource depletion. (2) Real Christmas trees are biodegradable and can be recycled or reused for mulch. Plus, Christmas tree farmers make sure planting and harvesting are balanced to protect the environment. In fact, for every real Christmas tree they harvest, they plant at least one new tree.

Real Trees, Real Memories Contest
Beginning on November 18th, the Real Christmas Tree Board and invite consumers everywhere to share photos of their real Christmas tree memory-making experiences for a chance to win cash prizes.
Visit or find the Real Christmas Tree Board campaign online for more information about how to enter.

It’s Christmas. Keep It Real.
Make finding a real Christmas tree part of your family’s holiday tradition this year. From neighborhood stores and local farms, to seasonal lots and even online, the perfect real Christmas tree is available no matter where you like to shop. For more information, visit

(1) Survey conducted Sept. 17, 2019 – Oct. 1, 2019 by OnePoll for the Real Christmas Tree Board with a sample of 2,000 U.S. parents, with children aged 0-17, who celebrate Christmas.
(2) Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of an Artificial Christmas Tree and a Natural Christmas Tree; Ellipsos, Montreal, Quebec, 2009; pages 6 & 8.

SOURCE Real Christmas Tree Board