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If this is your first year getting a real Christmas tree, then hip, hip, hooray! We think you are making the best choice. Real Christmas trees are sustainable, good for the environment, plus the memories and traditions you build with your family are priceless.

Now, where do you start with your real Christmas tree buying adventure? Our Buying a Real Christmas Tree guide gives great advice on what you need to know before you go.

When you are ready to head out with the family, where will you go? There are a few different types of real Christmas tree buying experiences, and each one is unique, fun, and filled with joy. This guide will help you determine which experience is best for you this holiday season.

Remember, it’s all about family togetherness and creating memories!

Seasonal Lots

Seasonal Lots are true to their name – they pop up once a year during the holiday season in convenient locations around your city or town. Many Seasonal Lots are run by local charities or organizations like a scout troop or neighborhood fire station. Others may be owned and operated by a real Christmas tree farmer. You’ll get even more warm and fuzzies this holiday season supporting your community and having a fun time while doing so.

Man tying a real christmas tree to the top of a minivan

Seasonal Lots are a traditional choice and the trees are fresh and plentiful. The scent of fresh pine needles will fill the air, as your family sips on hot cocoa (some lots serve hot drinks!) while searching for “the one.” Seasonal lots are perfect for those wanting a charming holiday experience with a hometown feel without having to venture out too far. They also have a wonderful communal quality. You may run into your neighbor or best friend or see your mayor with his or her family all enjoying their holiday adventures. You can’t help but smile from ear to ear. And smiling is contagious. We know from experience.

Experience Locator

There are thousands of places to find your tree. We’ve collected information on locations in your area and sorted them by experience to help you find the perfect place to find your perfect tree!

Retail Experiences Near You

Choose and Cut Farms

At a Choose and Cut Farm, be prepared for an immersive holiday excursion jam-packed with Christmas magic and adventure. Imagine waking up early, cooking a big breakfast for the family, and then heading off into the country. Ah, we can just feel the excitement and childhood nostalgia!

When you arrive, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to another world – you’ll be surrounded by trees and amazing views. Laughter and joy will fill the air as you venture through the rows of breathtaking trees trying to pinpoint your favorite. No two trees are alike, so it will be no easy feat to pick out the best one for your home – and one that everyone agrees on!

But when you do narrow in on “the one”, have your work gloves handy, because real Christmas trees have sap. When you are sawing the tree down and handling the tree, you’ll want gloves to protect your hands. As an added bonus, most farms will either help you transport your tree or provide a festive sled to pull it back.

Don’t forget to “shake it, shake, shake, shake it!” Ask the staff to shake out your tree. Most farms have a shaker; it’s fun to watch, and it removes any excess needles and field debris. But, if your tree farm doesn’t have a shaker, stomping your tree stump on the ground a few times works almost as well.

Choose and Cut Farms are often generational, family-owned and operated. These farmers take pride in their work, and they love to talk about their farm, family, and real Christmas trees. They’ll answer any questions that may pop into your head as you wander through the farm.

Also, many Choose and Cut Farms not only sell trees, they provide family-friendly activities to boot. From hayrides to hot chocolate, farm animals to photo ops, a visit to a Choose and Cut Farm is a wonderful way to spend time together outdoors and make memories to last a lifetime!

Home Improvement Centers

Home Improvement Centers or “Box Stores” are your one-stop shop for real Christmas tree shopping. They are convenient, well-stocked, and you can find home improvement stores in almost any city in the US.

Most centers are open early in the morning and late into the evening, which is perfect for those who have a hectic or unpredictable schedule, for folks looking for a quick, efficient outing with the family, or for those who just enjoy some late-night shopping.

Home improvement centers have trees upon trees upon trees! The inventory of fresh trees is generally large with the greatest selection being in the most popular sizes. All the trees are pre-cut, but the staff can provide a fresh cut for your very thirsty tree. Slicing about one inch off the base of your tree allows your tree to drink up all the water more easily. They’ll also bale your tree to make transporting it home easier and may even help bring it to your car.

At a home improvement location, you can maximize your time and pick up holiday and tree decorations, Christmas tree lights (White or multi-colored? Always a controversial topic!), tree stands, those big blow-up yard decorations all the kids love, and even some holiday gifts for that do-it-yourselfer in your life.

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You can take all this information with you, or send our useful reference guide to someone who’s not sure where to buy a tree this year.

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Garden Centers

Garden Centers are horticultural knowledge hubs! If you are aching to learn more about different tree species or you just love “nerding out” when it comes to plants, Garden Centers are lovely places to pick up your natural Christmas tree.

Garden Centers have a great selection of trees with dedicated and knowledgeable staff waiting to help you make your selection. They’re also typically stocked with garlands, wreaths and poinsettias, as well as a curated selection of artisan Christmas decorations and home décor. You’ll get design inspiration and guidance on how to deck out your tree from their staff and displays.

They have all the benefits of home improvement centers backed up with some serious plant and design expertise. Like home improvement centers, garden center staff will help you select, bale, bring your tree to your car, and answer any burning questions!

This fun “plant-based” excursion doesn’t disappoint on holiday charm!

General Retailer

General Retailers, like your local grocery or hardware store, are all about convenience. If you find yourself running errands, and BOOM you remember, “We need a tree!”, your general retailer will come to the rescue! The selection may be somewhat limited, but these locations can be a real time saver.

For those who are short on time or need a real Christmas tree last-minute – because you can’t get enough of that fresh pine scent! – general retailers are a great way to easily bring home holiday cheer. And while you’re there, you can stock up on cookie baking supplies or Christmas party must-haves.

You’ll have all the amazing holiday aromas wafting from your home thanks to just one convenient trip! Holiday Super-Cheer Mode: Activated.

Use our Retail Locator to find a real Christmas tree purveyor near you!

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